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Anal Fistula

A fistula is an abnormal connection between an organ, vessel, or intestine and another structure. Fistulas are usually the result of injury or surgery. It can also result from infection or inflammation. Fistulas often occur in the area around the genitals and anus (known as the perineum).

The four types of fistulas are:
  • Enterocutaneous: This type of fistula is from the intestine to the skin. An enterocutaneous fistula may be a complication of surgery. It can be described as a passageway that progresses from the intestine to the surgery site and then to the skin.
  • Enteroenteric or Enterocolic: This is a fistula that involves the large or small intestine.
  • Enterovaginal: This is a fistula that goes to the vagina.
  • Enterovesicular: This type of fistula goes to the bladder. These fistulas may result in frequent urinary tract infections, or the passage of gas from the urethra during urination.
Anal Fistula
An anal fistula is a small tract with an internal opening in the anal canal and an external opening in the skin near the anus. It forms when an anal abscess that’s drained (either on its own or via surgery) doesn’t heal completely.
Anal fistulas are classified by their location in relation to the anal sphincter muscles. They are listed from most common to least common:
  • Intersphincteric fistula. The tract begins in the space between the internal and external sphincter muscles and opens very close to the anal opening.
  • Transphincteric fistula. The tract begins in the space between the internal and external sphincter muscles or in the space behind the anus. It then crosses the external sphincter and opens an inch or two outside the anal opening. These can wrap around the body in a U shape, with external openings on both sides of the anus (called a horseshoe fistula).
  • Suprasphincteric fistula. The tract begins in the space between the internal and external sphincter muscles and turns upward to a point above the puborectal muscle, crosses this muscle, then extends downward between the puborectal and levator ani muscle and opens an inch or two outside the anus.
  • Extrasphincteric fistula. The tract begins at the rectum or sigmoid colon and extends downward, passes through the levator ani muscle and opens around the anus. These fistulas are usually caused by an appendiceal abscess, diverticular abscess or Crohn’s disease.
Cause of anal fistula
The dentate line is the borderline between the anus and the rectum, and it is very painful when bacteria enters from the area it caves inward, suppurates and produces abscess (accumulated pus). It is called anal fistula when the accumulated pus spreads around, breaks the skin and discharges pus, the hole the breaking made does not close up, and forms a pipe linked to the inside of the anus.

Signs and symptoms
Anal fistulas are fairly common in people who have had an anal abscess. It’s important to treat an anal fistula to reduce the chance of re infection. Effective treatment also relieves accompanying symptoms. For an anal fistula, signs and symptoms may include:

  • Mild pain around the anus, centred in an area where an old anal abscess has either drained spontaneously, or has been opened surgically by a doctor
  • Persistent drainage of blood, pus or foul-smelling mucus from the anal area.
  • Symptoms of a recurrent anal abscess, which may develop if the external opening of the fistula becomes
    clogged and the old abscess reactivates.
Treatment for ANAL FISTULA
Usually in conventional treatment they suggest to undergo surgery. But fact is many fistula forms after surgery. Symptomatic Homeopathy medicines help to heal the fistula with out surgery. But patient must undergo for long term treatment.

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