Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD Homeopathy Treatment
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – ADHD

  • Ø  Is it hard for your child to sit still?
  • Ø  Does your child act without thinking first?
  • Ø  Does your child start but not finish things?

If so, your child may have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD for short.) Nearly everyone shows some of these behaviours at times, but ADHD lasts more than 6 months and causes problems in school, at home and in social situations.
ADHD is more common in boys than girls. No one knows exactly what causes ADHD. It runs in families, so genetics may be a factor. The principal characteristics of ADHD are
  • Inattention
  • Hyperactivity
  • Impulsivity
ADHD types and symptoms:
ADHD used to be known as attention deficit disorder, or ADD. 
ADHD and broken down into three subtypes, each with its own pattern of behaviours:

1. An inattentive type, with signs that include:
  • inability to pay attention to details or a tendency to make careless errors in schoolwork or other activities
  • difficulty with sustained attention in tasks or play activities
  • apparent listening problems
  • difficulty following instructions
  • problems with organization
  • avoidance or dislike of tasks that require mental effort
  • tendency to lose things like toys, notebooks, or homework
  • distractibility
  • forgetfulness in daily activities
2. A hyperactive-impulsive type, with signs that include:
  • fidgeting or squirming
  • difficulty remaining seated
  • excessive running or climbing
  • difficulty playing quietly
  • always seeming to be “on the go”
  • excessive talking
  • blurting out answers before hearing the  full question
  • difficulty waiting for a turn or in line
  • problems with interrupting or intruding
3. A combined type, which involves a combination of the other two types and is the most common
Although it can be challenging to raise kids with ADHD, it’s important to remember they  aren’t “bad,” “acting out,” or being difficult on purpose. And they have difficulty controlling their behaviour without medication or behavioural therapy 
Treatments can relieve many of the disorder’s symptoms, but there is no cure. With treatment, most people with ADHD can be successful in school and lead productive lives.


What Causes ADHD?

Scientists are not sure what causes ADHD, although many studies suggest that genes play a large role. Like many other illnesses, ADHD probably results from a combination of factors. In addition to genetics, researchers are looking at possible environmental factors, and are studying how brain injuries, nutrition, and the social environment might contribute to ADHD.
  • ·    Genes. Inherited from our parents, genes are the “blueprints” for who we are. Results from several international studies of twins show that ADHD often runs in families. Children with ADHD who carry a particular version of a certain gene have thinner brain tissue in the areas of the brain associated with attention.
  • ·    Environmental factors. Studies suggest a potential link between cigarette smoking and alcohol use during pregnancy and ADHD in children. In addition, preschoolers who are exposed to high levels of lead, which can sometimes be found in plumbing fixtures or paint in old buildings, may have a higher risk of developing ADHD.
  • ·    Brain injuries. Children who have suffered a brain injury may show some behaviour similar to those of ADHD. However, only a small percentage of children with ADHD have suffered a traumatic brain injury.
  • ·     Sugar. The idea that refined sugar causes ADHD or makes symptoms worse is popular, but more research discounts this theory than supports it.
  • ·     Food additives. Recent British research indicates a possible link between consumption of certain food additives like artificial colours or preservatives, and an increase in activity. Research is under way to confirm the findings and to learn more about how food additives may affect hyperactivity.


Adult ADD/ADHD Myths: Fact or Fiction

MYTH: ADD/ADHD is just a lack of willpower. Persons with ADD/ADHD focus well on things that interest them; they could focus on any other tasks if they really wanted to.
FACT: ADD/ADHD looks very much like a willpower problem, but it isn’t. It’s essentially a chemical problem in the management systems of the brain.
MYTH: Everybody has the symptoms of ADD/ADHD, and anyone with adequate intelligence can overcome these difficulties.
FACT: ADD/ADHD affects persons of all levels of intelligence. And although everyone sometimes has symptoms of ADD/ADHD, only those with chronic impairments from these symptoms warrant an ADD/ADHD diagnosis.
MYTH: Someone can’t have ADD/ADHD and also have depression, anxiety, or other psychiatric problems.
FACT: A person with ADD/ADHD is six times more likely to have another psychiatric or learning disorder than most other people. ADD/ADHD usually overlaps with other disorders. 
MYTH: Unless you have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD as a child, you can’t have it as an adult.
FACT: Many adults struggle all their lives with unrecognized ADD/ADHD impairments. They haven’t received help because they assumed that their chronic difficulties, like depression or anxiety, were caused by other impairments that did not respond to usual treatment.


ADHD Treatment

No single treatment works for every individual. Treatment options should be consider the patient’s needs, and family, medical, and personal history. Some people respond well to homeopathy medicines, some to behavioural interventions, many respond to a combination of the two. Counselling, education, and support services are often helpful. Symptomatic Homeopathy medicines along with Behavioural therapy helps to, improve in school/work performance, relationships with others improve, and self esteem increases

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