Memory Loss Homeopathy Treatment
Memory Loss
Memory loss (amnesia) is unusual forgetfulness. 

Causes of Memory Loss
  • Aging
  • Alcoholism
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Brain damage due to disease or injury
  • Brain growths (caused by tumours or infection)
  • Brain infections such as Lyme disease or syphilis
  • Depression or emotional trauma
  • Drugs such as barbiturates or benzodiazepines
  • Electroconvulsive therapy (especially if it is long-term)
  • Encephalitis of any type (herpes, West Nile, Eastern Equine)
  • General anaesthetics
  • Head trauma or injury
  • Hysteria, often accompanied by confusion
  • Illness that results in the loss of nerve cells (neurodegenerative illness)
  • Nutritional problems (vitamin deficiencies such as low vitamin B12)
  • Seizures
  • Stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA)
  • Transient global amnesia
  • Temporal lobe brain surgery
Short-term/temporary recollection. If you are calling the florist, you look up the phone number and remember it long enough to place the call. Once you have finished the call, the information vanishes. If you were interrupted before making the call, you may lose this material. 

Long-term (recent). This category preserves the recent past, such as what you had for breakfast today, or the outfit that you wore a few days ago. 

Long-term (remote). This record the distant past. These memories learned 10 or 20 years ago form your knowledge base. This category can include snatches of a conversation or a tune from your high school fight song. Other information in this memory store shapes your personal history, such as what you were doing the day President John Kennedy was assassinated. 

Memory Loss Symptoms
This kind of memory loss just means that remembering a name or a recent task or event may be more challenging and require a lot more effort, and the affected person is in fact likely to be aware about his or her memory loss. On the other hand an individual suffering from a memory loss that is caused by conditions other than aging, like Alzheimer’s disease may sense that there is something wrong but will be unable to identify the cause of that feeling. They are in fact most likely to behave as if there is nothing wrong and avoid drawing any attention to a memory lapse.
Memory loss that is associated with Alzheimer’s worsens significantly over time, but is not the only symptom. 

Some of the most common and early symptoms of Alzheimer’s and other conditions that affect the memory are as follows:

  • The individual may ask or inquire about the same thing repeatedly.
  • The individual may at times find it tough to express himself, with problems finding the right words to use.
  • The individual may not be able to perform a familiar task despite the fact that he or she may have performed that very same task previously on numerous occasions
  • without any flaws.
  • The individual may also display symptoms that are easy to mistake and regard as absent mindedness. For example the person may misplace items and often place them in inappropriate places, such as storing a wallet in the freezer.
  • Another alarming sign is that the individual may get lost while in familiar areas or in their own neighbourhood.
  • The individual may also experience mood or behavioural changes for no apparent reason.

All of these memory loss symptoms could be indicative of a memory loss disorder that could be caused either by a disease like Alzheimer’s or due to brain damage from trauma or an injury.

Homeopathy Treatment for memory loss
Homeopathy Treatment for memory loss is based under the symptom similarity,  Symptomatic Homeo medicines act well in most type of memory losses. 

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