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Couples Personal Counselling
For Married, Live in relationships, Extra marital relationship etc…

Marriage life needs to give a sense of belonging, stability, security and responsibility. Marriage brings along with it care, love, togetherness, support, expectations, perseverance and a very important unflinching devotion. But present days, we hear a many of marriages ending in divorce especially love marriages. Main complaints of lack of compatibility, understanding, support, infidelity, and the list are endless with un explainable reasons. Main fact is that we are under much stress these days. Our work, family and changing society demands a more from us. The prime basic necessity of any relationship is “communication”. VPCC help both the partners to have healthy & effective communication.

Vivekanantha Psychological Counselling Centre offers supportive counselling to move toward a satisfying, loving and creative long-term relationship.

A few of the problems that crop up among couples,
  • Pre-marital counselling for those who are to enter marriage
  • Post marital counselling – those who facing struggle in their marriage life
  • Abusive Relationships
  • Difficulty with Intimacy
  • Couples who needs to end their relationship & like to part with dignity.
  • Failing marriages 
  • Couples who likes to improve their relationship
  • Pre and post natal counselling.
  • Differences in ways of Parenting.
Although counselling is a unique experience for each couple,
Our Counselling helps to
Balancing work, family, relationship, and “alone” time. Understanding & appreciating how individual and family history impacts relationships.Having more fun together. Clarifying assumptions and expectations both partners have about each other and the relationship. Helps to Improving communication, conflict-resolution and negotiation styles. Increasing and enriching intimacy. Acquiring more effective parenting skills. 
There are three ways that you can consult me.
1-Face to Face Counselling
Face to Face or Personal Counselling is one of the most effective ways of consultation. we will 
be meeting at our office at an appointed date and time, In this form of counselling, the session is strictly between the psychologist and the client. able to use a variety of body language cues- gestures, facial expressions, posture, and tone of voice and provide certain therapeutic interventions and exercises The talking, listening and the treatment is focused only on the problems of one patient and remain confidential. For Face to Face counselling, prior appointment is mandatory.
For appointments: Please call +91 9786901830 or Mail to

2-Telephonic Counselling
Telephone Counselling is convenient for those who are not able to have face to face counselling. The sessions, scheduled for 50 to 60 minutes, will be conducted over the phone with the psychologist. You need to call on mutually agreed time at particular telephone number given to you at the time of taking appointment… Travel time is saved and costs are considerably reduced. For phone consultation prior appointment is mandatory.

For appointments: Please call +91 9786901830 or Mail to
3- e-counselling
E-counselling means you will consult the psychologist through email; e-counselling is convenient for those who are not able to have face to face counselling & telephonic counselling. The sessions, scheduled for 10 to 20 emails within 15 days. You need to mail to given email id, you will receive reply within two working days. Our response mail date will be consider as first day. In e counseling Travel time is saved and costs are considerably reduced. For e-consultation you need to mail your problem along with payment receipt or evidence. Mail
Language for Couples Personal Counselling –Tamil & English
Whom to contact for Couples Personal Counselling
Dr.Senthil Kumar provides counseling for many couples, In his Psychological Counseling & medical professional experience with successful results. Many couples satisfied after taking counseling from Dr.Senthil Kumar.  Dr.Senthil Kumar visits Chennai at Vivekananda Psychological Counseling Centre & Homeopathy Clinic, Velachery, Chennai 42. To get appointment please call 9786901830, +91 9443054168 or mail to,

For more details & Consultation Feel free to contact us.

Vivekanantha Clinic Consultation Champers
Chennai:- 9786901830
Pondicherry:- 9865212055
Panruti:- 9443054168
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